The ‘Watchmen’ Reference Guide: Every Easter Egg in “An Almost Religious Awe”

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Watchmen An Almost Religious Awe Easter Eggs

This episode of Watchmen was a doozy, wasn’t it? As if daring the viewers to suppose the collection couldn’t throw extra surprises at us, Damon Lindelof and his crew of wonderful writers have added not solely to the story of Hooded Justice, however that of Physician Manhattan.

We’ll make sure you discuss that final reveal for fairly a while, however within the meantime, we’ve much more references to the supply materials and different issues to contemplate this week. So be part of us, gained’t you? Let’s take a look at all of the references to the unique Watchmen and extra in “An Virtually Non secular Awe.” As all the time, this might be spoiler-heavy.

Physician Manhattan’s Origin

The start of the episode is a straight-up abstract of Physician Manhattan’s origin. If you happen to haven’t learn the comics, the present does clarify all the things it’s good to know concerning the character. We discover out about his origin as a German refugee from WWII, his father’s watchmaking enterprise, and the way a visit to the outdated Gila Flats compound turned him blue and made him a god amongst males. 

The First Superman – and Most cancers

We additionally see a short shot of the pivotal Nova Categorical cowl story detailing the hyperlink between Physician Manhattan and most cancers deaths in individuals related to him. After all, within the graphic novel, we uncover that this was all based mostly on false data planted by Adrian Veidt, however nonetheless this story was an enormous purpose why the world turned towards him. 

Physician Manhattan Beats Energizer

Although neither the comedian not the TV present (till now) have gone into it in a ton of element, one of many largest issues Physician Manhattan modified on this planet was his creation of synthesized lithium, which jump-started the electrical automobile trade a long time earlier than our actuality caught up. Within the present’s Peteypedia supplementary web site, we uncover that Veidt’s marketing campaign to make the world imagine Physician Manhattan brought on most cancers led to the recalling of all synthesized lithium.

VHS Tapes

Within the graphic novel, Veidt performed numerous alien invasion sci-fi motion pictures in theaters he owned to subconsciously plant the seed of thought within the public’s thoughts that aliens may invade, so we see a ton of posters just like the VHS tape proven within the episode.

“Fogdancing” has already appeared within the present within the type of the favored guide written by Max Shea, which the graphic novel reveals was was a movie twice. It’s unclear which model that is. As for “Silk Swingers”, it’s a clear reference to “Silk Swingers of Suburbia” a B-movie made concerning the unique Silk Spectre, Sally Jupiter. In response to the graphic novel, the movie received very destructive evaluations.

The Nun With the Mom%&$ng Gun

If you happen to haven’t been studying the supplemental materials on HBO’s Peteypedia, you’re lacking out on a number of nice content material. Whereas not important to the present, the web site vastly helps in constructing the world of Watchmen in the identical method the supplemental materials on the finish of each subject of the unique graphic novel did.

This week, we are able to learn a memo from agent Dale Petey on the origin of Sister Evening’s costumed persona. Within the memo, Petey alludes to the unhappy actuality that the VHS tape seen within the episode (which impressed Angela’s costume and title) isn’t obtainable to look at within the 21st century, as apparently it takes years for Hollywood to re-release “the cult stuff” because it looks like residence media isn’t obtainable in 2019. The memo additionally references “Ebert’s Information to Sensible Filmgoing.” In response to Ebert, Sister Evening was a part of the “Black Masks” style, mainly Watchmen’s model of Blaxploitation motion pictures, however with masked vigilantes and commentary on the largely white phenomenon of costumed adventurers. 

Huge Blue Received the Struggle

This we already knew from Wanting Glass a few weeks again, however the purpose the US gained the Vietnam battle is as a result of Physician Manhattan was mainly a god and he may blow issues up at will whereas rising to a kaiju-sized model of himself. 

The episode’s title, “An Virtually Non secular Awe” refers to a line from the graphic novel the place Manhattan narrates that many North Vietnamese wished to give up immediately and personally to him, “their terror of me balanced by an nearly non secular awe.”

I’m Only a Puppet Who Can See the Strings

We see a Physician Manhattan marionette being managed by a puppeteer, which references a line mentioned by Physician Manhattan when Laurie asks if he’s only a “puppet following a script” in subject #9 of the comedian. His response, in typical Physician Manhattan style, is “We’re all puppets, Laurie. I’m only a puppet who can see the strings.”

Welcome to Good Burger

We see a spot known as Burgers ‘n’ Borscht twice on this episode. First in passing as Angela walks out of the video retailer, then in the direction of the top as Angela and her grandmother are having lunch. The title of the quick meals joint is a reference to an precise place from the graphic novel, particularly from subject #12. The quick meals joint is without doubt one of the many nods given by the comedian to sign the newfound peace between the US and the united states as a result of Veidt’s squid hoax. This has signaled a melding of cultures because of the new spirit of cooperation, which apparently contains this burger place. 

Rorschach Check

Girl Trieu’s daughter Bian is placing Angela by way of a psychological check which evokes the Rorschach check undergone by the vigilante with the identical title whereas in jail in subject #6 of the unique Watchmen.

Squid Drawings

The illustration of the alien squid introduced on the trial of Adrian Veidt is similar one drew by surrealist painter Hira Manish in subject #eight of the graphic novel. Manish, like Max Shea, was killed by Veidt when he blew up all his co-conspirators to stop the reality from ever popping out.

Look on My Works, Ye Mighty

Girl Trieu’s speech forward of the launch of her Millennium clock is an altered model of a line from the Percy Bysshe Shelley poem that gave Ozymandias his title. The unique reads “Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!” whereas Girl Trieu says “Gaze upon our mighty work, and with that despair…” sadly she is minimize off earlier than he can hear any extra.

Life on Mars

With that shock of a twist ending, Watchmen ends the episode with an instrumental model of David Bowie’s “Life on Mars” composed by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. The tune performed in the course of the first trailer for the present, and it after all alludes to individuals believing Manhattan was on Mars. Reznor’s 9 Inch Nails additionally toured with Bowie within the ‘90s and even collaborated on a number of songs.

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